Before we answer that question let’s discuss some of the background information pertaining to the new Iraqi Dinar. On October 15th, 2003  Iraq changed from their old currency with Saddam Hussein on the bills to the new currency presently being used in Iraq today.

Initially,the only people investing in Iraqi Dinar were those in the know such as military and governmental officials and possibly a few savvy investors. Word spread quickly about the huge potential upside to an investment in Iraqi Dinar and it soon gained widespread attention that resulted in more and more people making the investment in Dinar.

In a nutshell, here is why. Before Saddam came to power the Iraqi Dinar was worth $3.30 (USD). Prior to the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom the Dinar was worth $0.31 (USD).

Today you can buy the new Iraqi Dinar for less than $.001 or 1/10 of a penny (USD).

Consider the possible return if an individual were to invest $10,000 at the current rate. $10,000 at .001 would get you 10,000,000 (million) Dinars. Actually, if someone were buying that kind of quantity I could sell it for considerably less but let’s just use .001 for the sake of discussion.

Now, if the Dinar goes up to just 10 cents on the dollar, that same 10,000,000 Dinar would then be worth $1,000,000. Yes, one million dollars.