7 – 10 May 2007

International Exhibition Center
Abdali Urban Regeneration Project, Amman Jordan

REBUILD IRAQ 2007: The 4th International Rebuild Iraq Exhibition: Your Gateway to Construction Opportunity
Rebuild Iraq 2007 is going to be a high-profile event showcasing one of the most ambitious, investment-opportunity-laden reconstruction undertakings of your era. It’s going to be the biggest, most comprehensive Iraq reconstruction event ever held. If you are a construction sector player eyeing the Iraq reconstruction market, looking for a well-timed point of entry, seeking to gain maximum exposure and brand consolidation for your projects, or simply looking for potentially-rewarding business contacts, then Rebuild Iraq 2007 is the show for you. And if you’re already active in Iraq’s thriving reconstruction market, then Rebuild Iraq 2007 is going to immeasurably polish your profile.

Rebuild Iraq 2007 will set a new gold standard for Middle East exhibitions, drawing on the success of past IFP Group-organized Rebuild Iraq conferences. The show will be jointly organized by IFP Group, its Jordanian arm IFP Near East, and the Riyadh Exhibitions Company. Over 25 years, they have organized more than 320 internationally-accredited trade shows across the Middle East.

Massive Market Opportunities in Iraq and Jordan at Rebuild Iraq 2007

Seize Unique Investment Opportunities Offered by Iraq’s $100 Billion Reconstruction Market, and Jordan’s Development Boom
Iraq’s reconstruction market is worth a stunning $100 billion – making it one of the biggest anywhere in the world – and is set to expand further, as yet more contracts are signed and projects drawn up. Frenzied construction activity surrounds hundreds of projects, worth billions of dollars, and spanning every single sector of Iraq’s rebounding economy. Iraq’s liberal, open markets – almost entirely free of restrictions – are helping fuel construction sector activity. Meanwhile, ever more leading manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe are seizing lucrative slices of Iraq’s construction market, and in doing so are helping positively forge the future of the country. Benefits from Iraq’s construction sector are set to increase further. The country’s revenue generation potential – bolstered by abundant oil and other resources, as well as the long-term commitment of global donors to the reconstruction effort – is enormous. It can rival all other major regional economies.

Enjoy Access to Leading Middle East Construction Markets

Access Two Huge Construction Markets – Iraq and Jordan – at One Exhibition in the Bustling, Cosmopolitan Jordanian Capital Amman
There is no better venue for Rebuild Iraq 2007 than the buzzing Jordanian capital Amman. Because of its geographical proximity to Iraq, Jordan has longstanding, close trade ties with the country. Many Iraqi entrepreneurs either live in, or regularly commute to, the Jordanian capital. It’s the perfect place for international suppliers to meet Iraqi construction sector players. The flow of Iraqi entrepreneurs in and out of Jordan is streamlined by the Kingdom’s business-friendly customs and immigration regulations. Construction sector professionals in Amman for the Rebuild Iraq 2007 exhibition will enjoy exposure to two of the region’s most exciting construction markets. It’s not just Iraq that’s booming. Amman is fast developing into one of the region’s most vibrant business hubs, thanks in part to its modern infrastructure and wide array of first-class hotels. Billions of investment dollars are pouring in from around the world. Among Amman’s flourishing construction sector gems is the $800 million Al-Abdali Urban Regeneration Project, set on 80 hectares and billed as Amman’s revitalized new Downtown. Also causing a stir is the $1 billion Gulf Finance House-initiated Jordan Gate development scheme, a futuristic project comprising two high-rise towers connected to a shopping mall, with a total built-up-area of around 220,000mÇ. Meanwhile, the $362 million mega-tourism Saraya Aqaba project will expand the beachfront of Jordan’s Aqaba Dead Sea resort.

Rebuild Iraq 2006: 1,000 Exhibitors and 37 Pavilions, from more than 50 Countries, the Biggest-Ever Exhibition in Jordan
Rebuild Iraq 2006 attracted a record 1,000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries, and hosted around 40 national pavilions. Participants flocked to Jordan from the four corners of the globe – in particular from Europe, the United States, Latin America, the Far East, and of course the Middle East. Also present were a host of ministers, ambassadors, commercial counselors and government officials, and commercial delegations from dozens of countries.

Iraq reconstruction needs until 2007
Local administration & civil society  $300 million
Health, education & employment  $7 billion
Infrastructure  $11 billion
Electricity  $13 billion
Agriculture and water resources  $3 billion
Security and police  $5 billion
Oil  $8 billion
Culture  $1.5 billion

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RUNDINGAN 1 Dinar Iraq= 1 USD PADA 2007