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Read a few of the many factual and expert analysis and findings by notable economists, economic publications, government heads and more – about the current and future trends of the Iraqi Dinar.

Ikuti Ulasan dan pandangan pelbagai pihak dan pakar ekonomi mengenai trend semasa dan akan datang Dinar Iraq

Iraq holds the second largest oil reserve in the world, with 95 percent of Iraq ‘s revenue coming from exported oil. Combine that with the continued rise of oil prices and you have the makings of a strong economic comeback. The Iraqi Dinar has also managed to appreciate in value from its all time low of 3000 Dinar to one US dollar to the recent level of between 1500 and 1400 Dinar to one US dollar. Before the 1991 war it was 1 Dinar to 3 US dollar. Keep in mind that the new Dinar has only been in existence since October 15th 2003 . The monetary system established by the new government encourages foreign investment, a key to developing a strong economy.

Iraq merupakan pengeluar minyak terbesar di dunia di mana 95% sumber ekonominya disumbangkan oleh pengeksportan minyak. tambahan pula harga minyak yang semakin meningkat sekarang…Ingat..dinar iraq yang baru keluar pada Oktober 2003. kerajaan sementara yang baru di Iraq pula menggalakkan pelabur asing melabur di Iraq, inilah kunci utama untuk membangunkan semula kekuatan ekonomi Iraq.

A new stock market opened recently with record trading volumes pushing stock prices drastically upwards for the 27 firms listed, with over 2 billion shares changing hands in only 6 trading sessions. Real estate in Iraq is booming, largely because of the severely depressed prices due to the restrictive policies of the old regime. With money flowing into Iraq , citizens are now buying houses in neighbourhoods generally reserved for government officials.