news8.JPG” Iraq has been granted 32 billion dollars in debt relief. “The Paris Club agreement represents a major international contribution to Iraq ‘s continued political and economic reconstruction. I encourage (other) nations to agree to comparable debt reduction for Iraq .”
George W. Bush 11/22/04

“Opening International Trade has increased the wages to Iraq ‘s 25 million people who have pent-up demand for goods and services. An estimated $33 billion has already been collected for rebuilding Iraq . Coca-Cola, Chevron, Texaco, and more are investing! “…wages are triple those paid elsewhere in the Middle East .”
Wall Street Journal 11/24/04

“ Iraq has a stable currency; value of the new dinar has already risen 25 percent.”
US Department of State Bureau of Public Affairs 06/30/04

“A senior Iraqi leader evoked the eternal dream that Iraq could produce 10 million barrels a day.”
The New York Times 05/03/05

“If post-war Kuwait is any example: A Kuwaiti Dinar was valued at about a dime after the war. Each now brings in $3.40 …If ( Iraq Dinar) jumps to a few cents, (investors) can start paying off mortgages.”
Stars and Stripes Mid-east ed., 10/15/04

Ini pula apa yang pernah terjadi pada KUWAIT… inilah yang kita nantikan

Following World War II, it took three years to institute a new currency in West Germany . Iraq has taken only six months.Oil revenues and existing assets from the Saddam dictatorship are being pumped into government operations and reconstruction projects such as: paying 350,000 teachers (rehabilitating 2,200 schools), 100,000 doctors and healthcare workers,(30 times more funds over pre-war levels, restoring 240 hospitals), upgrading electrical grids, water, sewage, irrigation systems, and expanding oil output.

Iraq merupakan pengeluar minyak ke-2 terbesar di dunia.

3 dozen countries are contributing financially to the renewal of Iraq , and 19 countries are providing personnel for operations in Iraq.The new Iraqi Government and the US treasury are working together to reinstate a strong decentralized banking system in Iraq.Iraq has vast areas of fertile land and the most precious commodity of all in the Middle East, water. With the rejuvenation of the Tigris and Euphrates River , Iraq ‘s agriculture sector may once again be the Breadbasket of the Middle East.More Iraqis are holding on to the New Dinar as a savings vehicle after years of hoarding dollars. The limited circulation of the new currency as compared to the open-ended printing of old notes by Saddam’s political leadership.Iraq has the World’s largest natural gas reserve and is the world’s 2nd largest oil producer. No one doubts Iraq ‘s potential for enormous production. Only 17 of its 80 known oil fields have been developed, and the costs of new production are among the worlds lowest.