The Iraqi Dinar is the legal currency of Iraq. Prior to the 1991 war the official rate of the Iraqi Dinar was approximately 1 Dinar to 3 US dollars. The currency’s value significantly dropped after the 1991 invasion and United Nations embargo. The value of the Iraqi Dinar has since appreciated from lows of approximately 3,000 Dinar’s per US Dollar to between 1,400 and 1,500 recently.

Dinar Iraq merupakan matawang sah Iraq. Sebelum 1991, nilai matawang iraq menghampiri nilai 1 Dinar Iraq = 3 dolar US. Nilainya jatuh selepas Iraq mula diceroboh dan dikenakan sekatan ekonomi pada 1991.

The old Iraqi Dinar issued prior to October 2003 showed the image of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Following his removal in the 2003 invasion of Iraq , the Iraqi Governing Council made public display of images of Hussein illegal. In an effort to feed the Iraqi economy, the Office for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance began printing more 250-dinar notes. Saddam Hussein appeared on all post-war Iraqi Dinar banknotes, aside from the reprinted “Horse herd” 25 Dinar note.

Dinar Iraq yang sebelum ini dicetak dengan wajah bekas Presiden Saddam Hussein. sempena penyingkiran presiden tersebut, dinar iraq yang baru perlu dicetak.

In October 2003 the United States occupation administration authorized a new banknote issue comprised of denominations of 50, 250, 1000, 5000, 10000, and 25000 Dinar. A 500 Dinar note was issued in October 2004, and notes of 25, and 100 Dinar are anticipated. These new notes replaced the old Dinar of Saddam’s era and have quickly been accepted. The new Dinar is more secure unlike the easy to counterfeit old Saddam Dinar. It has many visible and invisible security features that are virtually impossible to fake. This new and secured Dinar will undoubtedly provide a stable foundation for
Iraq’s future economic growth.

Dengan itu, pada oktober 2003, dinar Iraq yg baru dicetak pada nilai 50, 250, 1000, 5000, 10000, dan 25000 Dinar. diikuti oleh not bernilai 500 pada oktober 2004. Ia menggantikan dinar iraq yang pernah diguna pada zaman pemerintahan Saddam Hussein. Tanpa ragu2 lagi mata wang yang baru ini diharapkan dapat membantu membangunkan semula ekonomi Iraq.

25,000 Dinar

Kurdish farmer holding sheaf of wheat. Tractor in background

King Hammurabi. Credited with writing the first code of law in human history. He founded the First Dynasty of Babylon in 1700 BC, leading Babylonia into a period of great prosperity.